• Alcohol is a depressant.

  • Alcoholʼs effects can vary based upon a personʼs size, weight, sex, and food intake.

  • Even in low doses, alcohol significantly affects your ability to drive.

  • Alcohol can lead to an increase in aggressive behavior, including domestic violence and child abuse.

  • Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can lead to severe birth defects and fetal alcohol syndrome.


  • Sometimes people mix alcohol into less obvious drinks. Always be aware of whatʼs in your drink, especially if you didnʼt prepare it.

  • Surround yourself with friends who respect and treat alcohol the same way that you do.

  • Parents who host underage drinkers to avoid having their kids drink away from home are breaking the law. Just because an adult may tell you itʼs ok, be aware of the law and stick to it.

  • Identify a variety of healthy ways to relax and have fun. Having more than one way to let your hair down will come in handy.

  • Because alcohol is legal to drink at a certain age, it can be more complicated to navigate than something like illicit drugs. Make sure you know and understand the law around alcohol consumption.