• Prescription drug addiction is a growing problem in America.

  • It is never okay to take someone else’s pills.

  • Taking too many pills or taking pills that aren’t yours is illegal.

  • Prescription drug use is dangerous when not under doctor supervision.

  • Any kind of addiction threatens your chance at a happy life.

  • Drug use gets in the way of creativity, athletics and learning.


  • It’s actually okay to say ‘no’ if someone offers you something you don’t want.

  • Not taking a drug doesn’t leave you out of the crowd. It keeps you in the good crowd. There are more people your age not using drugs than using them.

  • Set healthy goals for yourself and celebrate when you meet them.

  • Choose good friends. A real friend wants you to be happy and healthy.

  • Keep yourself focused on the life you want, whether that’s having a family, good job, or being a good friend.


Food for thought.

Join The Crowd – Over 80% of Teens are NOT Abusing Prescription Drugs


When used properly, prescription drugs are not necessarily dangerous. A prescription drug is only safe to take under the direct care of your doctor. Taking a pill or drug that is not prescribed to you could have serious and sometimes fatal side effects.
Anytime that you take more pills than are prescribed to you to gain a “high” or take pills that are not yours, it is considered drug abuse or misuse.
Yes. It is against the law to take drugs that are not yours or to use a drug in a way that it isn’t intended. Being caught in possession of a prescription drug that is not prescribed to you is no different that being caught with a traditional illegal drug.
That depends. If the pills were prescribed for YOU by a doctor, then yes. If the pills were NOT prescribed for you specifically, then no. Sometimes parents aren’t aware of the dangers of giving you a pill not prescribed to you. Direct them to this site if they have questions. They can obviously give you over-the-counter medicines, but you should always be sure to read all warning labels and directions.